IT Audit

IT has become an integral part of your business operations. More than ever you need systems that support your business processes effectively and efficiently and provide reliable management information. Our audits of your financial statements naturally cover all relevant aspects of your information system and make effective use of data analyses where possible. We integrate your IT environment into our audit approach for a good reason.

Integrated audit approach

An integrated audit approach results in an audit that is effective and efficient, but also, in particular, in findings and recommendations that are relevant for you. We consider this to be so important that we have supplied a project manager to develop more detailed requirements relating to this integrated audit approach for the professional organizations NBA (accountants) and NOREA (IT auditors). We use this approach ourselves in local financial audits as well as in our group audits abroad. The use of data-analytics might be of great help to create a line of defense in controlling foreign companies, based on reliable data.

Testing the reliability of systems

Targeted IT audits allow us to test the reliability of your systems. These include full ISA3402/SAS70 audits and specifically designed audits relating to your IT environment. Where necessary, we work together with reliable partners in this area. Our knowledge and experience in the fields of both IT and accountancy also allow us to function as a pragmatic and dynamic partner to advise you on matters at the interface of business and IT. Examples of services we provide:

  • Selecting and implementing information systems, such as ERP systems
  • Optimizing how processes are organized in your systems
  • Setting up and optimizing management reports, within your system and by unlocking their content using sophisticated business intelligence tools.