Financial Audits

For an entrepreneurs, certainty and an insight into your own organization are at least as important as complying with legislation and regulations. Our audit specialists will take care of both these aspects. You can be confident of receiving a high-quality, independent audit in which our expertise comes to the fore. We carry out audits for companies, but also for foundations and associations. Entrepreneurs are obliged to have their financial statements audited by an accountant authorized by the JACPA if their business meets at least two of the following three conditions in two successive financial years.

Financial audits completely tailored to your business

Is your business characterized by global operations or extensive use of IT? We will incorporate these aspects into our thorough audit approach. The use of data-analytics is general use in our financial audit for at least analytical procedures and substantive testing. Obtaining an insight into potential risks is extremely important for you and for us. Based on our audit we will report on areas where there is certainty, on any risks that apply and on the management of these risks. Naturally the risk of using unreliable data within your company is included in our audit approach to possibly enhance your future use of reliable management information based on data analytics. Our accountants have excellent knowledge of the rules and requirements that your organization has to comply with. Together with you we will identify all potential risks. Our approach is quality-oriented and perfectly tailored to meet the requirements that the government and other regulators impose with regard to your financial reporting.

Financial audit within group structures

Whereas the financial audit of a single company is already a specialization within the accountancy, we have a specialization within the business unit of financial auditing: group auditing. With a large group of international clients, we are experienced in group auditing. Whether we are acting as group auditor or as component auditor, we are always focused on an adequate process in cooperation with other auditors. Effective communication is a key success factor in this process, in which we are fully proficient. Also the communication with other stakeholders (not just between auditors) is considered to be of great value in the group audit. In case of missing component auditors or other specialists at our clients abroad, we effectively use our Russell Bedford-network we belong to. This network of independent accounting and auditing firms consists of many high quality firms all over the world.

Financial audits as a practical management tool

In addition to these statutory rules and requirements, we can also focus on any specific wishes and needs that you may have. After all, not all companies are the same. Do you have audits carried out simply because you have a legal obligation to do so and therefore do not act on the results? If so, your organization is missing out on opportunities and possible ways to do things differently and better. That is because we provide detailed reports on our audits and incorporate practical advice and points for improvement. The use of data-analytics in our audit enables us to think along with you to enhance your management information process. Especially in international group settings it might be helpful for you to gain better understanding of the reliable data flows within your company. Think of it as a check-up or a second opinion. You therefore have an extremely useful management tool at your fingertips.